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RxP Products

RxP Products, Inc. manufactures and distributes super concentrated fuel additives for combustion engines. These products contain no unnecessary fillers.  The technology behind the products affects the burn of fuel during combustion, making it reach a more rapid frequency of excitation.  This produces a cleaner, more thorough, burn allowing the engine to run cooler and produce less emissions.

imageRxP Gas Kicker
The next generation in fuel technology.  The first product to ever make claims such as "significant reduction in CO, HC and NOx emissions," and be able to back them up with independent laboratory 511 Hot Start Tests.  RxP Gas Kicker also increases horsepower.  Kicker works equally well in gasoline or diesel engines and makes reformulated fuel burn like high grade gasoline.  One ounce treats 10 gallons of fuel.

By far the best selling product in the line. RxP Gas Kicker is "the little red bottle that does it all." Kicker is the fastest way to clean out combustion chambers and exhaust systems,reduce emissions (CO, VOC's and NOx) and restore economy in both gasoline and diesel engines.

Kicker increases horsepower and is used by auto enthusiasts on and off the race track. It is "not" detectable in gasoline or diesel fuel.   


RxP Diesel Dynamizer
Sold in bulk quantities only (55 gallon drums and up).  Has become a necessity for use in locomotive, marine and truck applications.   Blended to increase power, reduce black smoke emissions, reduce maintenance, plus improving efficiency.


Smaller quantities of RXP Diesel Dynamizer
are available by contacting us: 972-788-4797