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Why you should be using RxP in your vehicle.image

Applied combustion technology was utilized in developing a safe and unique blend of liquid hydrocarbons, which when added to gasoline or diesel fuel, cause these fuels to reach a more rapid rate of excitation during combustion. This results is a number of major benefits:

  • Super Concentrated Engine De-Carbonizer that works FAST
  • Pass emissions test everyday...guaranteed. Go GREEN
  • Restore POWER that ethanol takes away
  • Use in any combustion engine-GAS or DIESEL
  • Loyal CUSTOMERS use RXP over and over in cars, trucks, boats,
  • motorcycles, jet- skis, tractors, mowers,  weed eaters, etc.
  • Over 3 million bottles sold in Dallas/ FT. Worth

RXP works by creating a more complete combustion of the fuel. As an engine gets older, carbon starts to build up and all of the hydrocarbons in the fuel don't get burned; they go out the tailpipe- unburned. When RXP is added to the fuel, it links all of the hydrocarbons together, as one chain. When the fuel is ignited in the combustion chambers, almost all of it burns. The results of a more complete burn are:

Pass mandated emissions test, more power, no engine pinging, reduces carbon buildup, better gas's burning, not wasting.

Attn: Commercial Users. Contact us for more information about buying RXP in drums or even tankers.