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WHY RxP?image

With over 3 million bottles sold in the Dallas- Fort Worth area alone, RXP Gas Kicker is the leader in combustion technology. If you have ever tuned in to radio in Dallas, Texas, you've probably heard the voice of Ed Wallace coming over the airwaves loud and clear, dispensing wisdom via KLIF 570 AM on Saturday mornings. Ed is a tireless advocate of products that he trusts and knows will benefit his listeners, which is why he has personally endorsed RXP for over 20 years as the only fuel additive he recommends.

How does it work? Our applied combustion technology is a safe and unique blend of liquid hydrocarbons which, when added to gasoline or diesel fuel, will cause your fuel to reach a rapid rate of excitation during combustion. In layman's terms, your tank gets more bang for your buck, whether it's in a car, a truck, a boat, a motorcycle, a jet ski, lawnmowers, or other gas-powered tools. Thanks to this incredible yet simple technology, loyal RXP users enjoy a number of major benefits:

  • A super-concentrated engine de-carbonizer that works FAST.
  • Pass emissions test everyday... guaranteed. Going green suddenly got easy!
  • Restore the POWER the ethanol-blended gas lost.
  • Use in any combustion engine, be it GAS or DIESEL!

RXP works by creating a more complete and efficient combustion of the fuel. As an engine gets older carbon builds up, which reduces the amount of hydrocarbons burnt in your fuel. Instead, those hydrocarbons go out your tailpipe unburned - and a real waste of money for you. When RXP is added to your fuel, it links all of the hydrocarbons together as one chain. When the fuel is ignited in the combustion chambers, almost all of it burns.

As a result of a cleaner, more complete fuel burn, you can pass mandated emissions tests, enjoy more power to your engine, eliminate engine pinging, reduce carbon buildup, and even enjoy better gas mileage. That's right, better mileage when you burn your gas more efficiently!

Attention Commercial Users: Contact us for more information about buying RXP in drums or even tankers.